A participatory, multi-sensory exhibition exploring cultural memory through preserves. Artist Anne Thoday, supported by film maker Nina Mulhall created works that represent stories collected in the kitchens of Darebin, Melbourne.


The Interfaith Chef project comprised of three events in the City of Moreland with diverse communities sharing food, faith and culture. The first event centred around bread; how, where and when it is eaten across different cultures. The second event, “Street Food” provided an opportunity for a very diverse group to share stories about the role of food at faith celebrations and events. The final event provided a platform to have a more intimate discussion, using the conviviality of the table to discuss issues of conflict, migration, peace and reconciliation.



Lead by Jeminah Reidy, a collaborative project with an eclectic group of artists, performers and musicians bringing together  stories of time and place and  exploring the intrinsic qualities of Herring Island.  Anne Thoday created a ritual welcome feeding/ performance, Salt Water Sweet Water. This project reflected on the meeting of salt water and sweet water when the river was a major food source and meeting place for indigenous Australians before European settlement and industrialisation.