We’ve Started Weaving the Memory Pod.

weaving the memory podArtist Michele Grimston and I have started weaving the Memory Pod for the Preserving Memories exhibition. Steel frameLee,  (my loveable and capable husband), welded the frame out of steel and then we cut it into sections so that it would fit into the gallery and also fit into my kitchen which currently doubles as my studio (thank you Lee for being so understanding and putting up with a few rather large obstacles). We have four sections to complete so it will be a busy month.  What is a Memory Pod you might ask? It’s a cosy space for contemplation.  At the exhibition visitors will be invited to enter inside the pod to reflect and record memories about preserving food.  Come back here again to find out how we are progressing.


Memory Pod Michelle





































Preserving Memories with (f)route
Collecting Memories
Memory Pod