Preserving Memories – Mara


This picture was taken from one of the garden tours at the City of Darebin’s Back Yard Harvest festival in November this year. I visited eight different families in my local area, walked around their gardens, tasted their preserves, wine and home made bread and heard their gardening tips. I also made new friends and swapped phone numbers and addresses. The picture above is from the visit to Mara’s garden. Mara’s  passion for gardening and sharing her knowledge with others is wonderful. At the end of her garden tour Mara shared her homemade bread, fresh from the oven with her homemade jam. Yum! This is a lovely event and not to be missed if you are curious about gardens, sustainability or just likes meeting other local people.

Preserving Memories – Mara
Kimchi at the Library
Warrigal and Parley Pesto with Homemade Pasta.
Collecting Memories