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I spent November and December with the lovely Andrea Lane, Josephine Jacobi and other artists from (f)route at their newly created space at the Docklands.  (f)route is a social enterprise that values art, fruit, environment, good travel, slow conversations and regional communities. The space at the Docklands is an artist made Travel Bureau that shows off the things that they’ve discovered created and imagined. It’s part of the Docklands Spaces Renew Australia movement.

During my time there I met some interesting people, made preserves and pickles and had lots of great conversations about art and sustainability. (f) route is going from strength to strength and is gearing up for (f)routville, 1st March 2014 at Nicholson River Winery & beyond.  I am told that this project will bring together all the fruit & art, good people & good food that have made the project a little bit famous.  I wouldn’t miss it!  For more about (f)routville see: http://www.frouteville.com/2014/01/frouteville-is-coming-1-march-2014.html