I made this wonderful Spring Pickle at (f)routeland at the Docklands. The recipe comes from via the facebook page of Home -Make-It. The wine gives the pickle a lovely mild flavour less vinergary than most.

1 cauliflower
500 g green tomatoes
4 carrots
3 red onions
some chili
(spicy red or sweet green)
500 g white vinegar
500 g white wine
300 g sugar or sugar cane
1 clove of garlic
juniper berries
a couple of bay leaves

In a saucepan combine vinegar, wine, sugar, garlic, some pepper and juniper berries, two or three cloves and a couple of teaspoons of salt. Bring to the boil and simmer over low heat 5 minutes, to flavour the mixture.
Meanwhile prepare the vegetables : cut cauliflower into florets , peel carrots and cut into sticks, onions into four wedges, slice tomatoes.
Blanch the vegetables, one type at a time and starting with the lighter ones (cauliflower – tomatoes – peppers – carrots – onions), just for a minute: drain and place them on a clean cloth to dry quickly.
Pass the cooking liquid through a sieve and leave to cool.
In the jar: place a little of the cooking liquid (or extra virgin olive oil) on the bottom of the pot, arrange the vegetables in layers, gently pressing them with your hands, adding always a little cooking liquid. If you like, add a few fresh bay leaves.
When the jar is full, beat gently on the work surface so that the liquid fills every space. If you see air bubbles, move the vegetables along using a long wooden stick.
Before you close the jar with the lid, you can place the traditional plastic ring clip to keep the vegetables compact.
Wrap the jars in kitchen cloths, place in a big pot, cover with cold water (at least 5 cm over the lids) and sterilize by boiling for 20/30/40 minutes, depending on the size of the jars.

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