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My practice is seated largely within the realm of contemporary environmental art. I aim to produce work that arouses an appreciation and reverence for the natural world and an understanding of the impact that humans have on the natural environment. I am a multi-disciplinary artist interested in painting, printmaking, contemporary fibre sculpture, community rituals/performance and cookery. My creative practice and research interests have been centred around the way that food connects us with each other and the physical environment. In 2014 I was the Director of Preserving Memories, a collaborative project focused on food and cultural memory. This project culminated in a multi-sensory exhibition that included film, sculpture and significant community engagement. (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-05-16/kitchen-ritual-preserves-more-than-food/5459098?section=vic
Highlight projects since then have included coordinating the Interfaith Chef Project, 2016 for Darebin Council, a sculptural installation and a ritual feeding/ performance for Scenes on the Yarra at Herring Island in 2015 and guest lectures/cookery performances in the Graduate Certificate in Art and Community Engagement at the VCA 2014-2016.

In an extension of my environmental exploration, I am currently experimenting with works on paper investigating organic materiality and the transformations that occur during the contact printing process. By combining non-toxic mordents with different heat treatments, I am able to create a range of colours that are subtle and delicate. As the pigments released from the leaves change with the climate, the seasons and the water used, this printing technique keeps me intimately in relationship with nature.


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“A wonderful example of rejuvenating our memories of the everyday past in securing our food through gluts and the out of season season…”  – Carlo Canteri